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All about that Bed Head!

TIGI Bed Head Hair Products

“How would you describe your hair?”

“Straight?” No. “Curly?” Nope. “Wavy?” Not Really.

Hmm…where is the “Frizzy, untamed, wild animal” option?

Growing up, I was never satisfied with the way my hair looked. I would see these pictures of women with beautiful, long, luscious hair. I wondered why my hair never looked like theirs; with their effortless wavy curls or straight as a board hair, while I was stuck with a stringy, tangle-ridden mess!

I thought once I got a straightner that all my hair troubles would be solved; and for a long time I was satisfied with having straight hair. As time went on however, I came to the realization that I wasn’t reaching my full, healthy hair potential. I wasn’t in control of my frizz, I was blow drying my hair all wrong, and I swear my split ends went all the way to the root! I wanted soft, thick hair that when blown dry, wouldn’t look like a lion’s mane.

So to the internet I went, and I stumbled on TIGI’s Bed Head product line. The name of the line caught my attention because I thought it was pretty clever, but it wasn’t until I started reading on the different products it had that I thought “here’s a contender!” I was a little hesitant to try them at first since they were more expensive than I was ever used to spending on a hair product, but I tend to be someone who likes to think a product must work if its more expensive (that is not always the case, but at the time this was my justification for purchasing).


The Bed Head line has several products for all different hair care needs, and I did end up purchasing quite a few of them. But these 4 mentioned below (and pictured above) are the ones that have drastically changed my hair! Yes they do run a bit on the pricey side, but I still have the very first bottles I ever purchased. Since you only need a very small amount of product, I really feel like I have gotten my money’s worth now almost 2 years later!

These products can be used on wet or dry hair, but I prefer to use them when my hair is wet and when I plan on blow drying my hair. You can still see results if you allow your hair to air dry, but these products do work better when activated by heat and I do notice a difference in the blow dry vs. air dry.

My 4 Favorites

In the order I use them:

Small Talk

My hair is so flat! Any time I can find a product that mentions volume or thicker hair, I’m drawn to it. So it wasn’t hard to sell me on this one, it had me at “thickifier!” This is the first product I put into my hair after getting out of the shower and I like to apply it very close to the root and work my way out to the rest of my hair. It gives me the volume and texture I crave when styling my hair and it smells like blueberries!

Ego Boost

The 2nd product I go in with is the Ego Boost split end mender and leave-in conditioner. Using a very small amount, I start at the bottom of my hair at the ends and really saturate my split ends, then distribute whatever remains throughout the rest of my hair. The bottom of my hair looks the most unhealthy but it’s hard to notice because this really reduces the look of my split ends and gives my hair a “freshly trimmed” look. The fact that it doubles as a leave-in conditioner is an added bonus because my hair remains soft and smelling clean.

Control Freak

If you decide to purchase anything from Bed Head, let it be Control Freak! This tiny green bottle is everything I have ever wanted in a hair care product!

“Do you struggle with frizzy hair? NOPE! “Is your hair puffy after a blow dry, or does it take a long time to straighten your hair? NOT ANYMORE!

I just recently repurchased this bottle (in all reality I didn’t need to, I just wanted a full bottle picture) because it has lasted so long! When mentioning what I want my hair to be like, this one checks off everything on the list. After I blow dry my hair, people in my family ask me if I already straightened it too since the heat from the blow dryer begins to straighten the hair way before I even pick up my straighter. Because of this, I spend way less time straightening my hair and when I do, I have the straight as a board, frizz free hair that I wanted when I was younger. Even better than that, my hair stays looking that way all day and never begins to frizz, even in the heat (trust me, I live in Texas so I know heat!) I honestly don’t even need to use this product anymore because it has transformed my hair so much (but why stop a good thing?!)

After Party

Finally, after blow drying and straightening my hair, I top it off with After Party. The best way I can describe what this bottle does to the hair is that it makes it feel the same way as when you are washing conditioner out in the shower and your hair feels so incredibly soft! Using the smallest, and I mean the smallest amount because that is all you need, I run it through my hair and it feels like silk sheets when I’m done. It’s what I imagine a cloud to feel like and makes the hair so shiny with a healthy glow. It also prevents my hair from static and also protects from the humidity and tames my stubborn flyaways. It’s a great way to wrap up my hair care routine!

I can now say that I am way happier with my hair and love that I stumbled upon these treasures. Bed Head has several other products including hairspray, dry shampoo, products for curly hair, and even hair tools so there is a little something for everyone. I love how much healthier my hair looks and feels and enjoy all the compliments I get about my hair now!

“Got Bed Head?”

Why yes, yes I do!

Love Always,


Links: (I am only linking to one of the products but most, if not all, can be found on these sites)

Bed Head Website– Information on all TIGI products, cannot purchase from this site

Target (13.09)

Amazon (11.78)

Ulta (21.00)

Walmart (14.00)

***Disclaimer: We are all unique, and as such, we all have different hair care needs. Just because the products worked for myself, they may not work for everyone and I make no such claim that they will.

*All pictures were taken and belong to the owner of this blog.


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